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[INR.S&T.EU] – Science and Technology: Creating an enabling environment to bridge the gap from science to implementation by working in the Triple Helix

14 April 2015 - 14 April 2015
Daegu & Gyeongbuk  (South Korea)

Updated on Wednesday 3 December 2014

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Linking to Science and Technology

Session description:
This session will address how improved linking of science and technology can contribute to improving innovation and growth and to better management of global water challenges.
We will discuss how a more holistic approach to science and technology cooperation can be implemented, not only in our regions, but also globally and how improved international cooperation within this field can result in better water management.
Further, we will discuss how to develop guidance on the use of science and technology to implement and innovate water policies and realities. This discussion starts from European experiences, lessons learned and best practices, but will also integrate results from other regions and results from inter-regional cooperation like the EU-Africa partnership and EU China cooperation.
We will present cases and lessons learned that improves innovation in the global water sector. The topics will fit the overall S&T process with a focus on efficient water management, urban water efficiency, climate change, smart technologies and implementation of European and national policies.
We aim to integrate recommendations from this session into the Implementation Roadmap for the Science and Technology process.